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This is a VERY special Grab Bag set.  It includes:

  • VIP 2021 Member Card - A metallic ink member card (valued at $100) that gives you a code with SIX YEARS of access to our VIP section and can be used for years now through 2022 at conventions to save 10% off any merchandise at a Red Giant or Absolute Comics booth!  (Note - This was included in the White Widow #4 backer kit bonuses).
  • White Widow #1 - A random collectible copy of White Widow #1.  These can include retail exclusives, extended and Kickstarter editions and others!
  • White Widow #2 - An extended edition collectible copy of White Widow #2 (valued $20+) with a Jamie Tyndall cover guaranteed!
  • White Widow #3 - A random collectible copy of White Widow #3.  These include one of the 48 page Kickstarter editions!
  • White Widow #4 - A random READER COPY of White Widow #4.  These books may contain minor imperfections that can possibly be corrected, but the end result is still a perfectly good reading copy.
  • Mystery Absolute Comic Book - A fifth special collectible Absolute comic book.  This comic is set in the same Absolute universe as White Widow, and is SOLD OUT in stores worldwide!

Total value of this set is at least $160 and possibly as high as $250! 

Note - Because of its grab bag nature there will be no returns accepted, and books are as-is.  Great care is made to package and ship, however the WW#4 books are (as stated above) as-is reader copies.

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