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WW04VC - White Widow #4 - METAL - Valentine 2020 Naughty Virgin

WW04VC - White Widow #4 - METAL - Valentine 2020 Naughty Virgin

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This is the BRUSHED ROSE ALUMINUM VIRGIN METAL version of our Web store EXCLUSIVE limited edition Valentine's Day cover.  It will feature a full comic with a rose-tinted real aluminum cover on a real comic, as hearts sparkle all around our White Widow!  Don't stare too long or you might go blind!


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Series: White Widow
Issue #: 4VC
Format: Comic Book Retail Edition 24 Pages
Cover Artist: Jenna Powell (inks by Mostafa Moussa and Colors by Sanju)
Writer: Benny Powell
Interior Artwork: Iwan Nazif and Jamie Tyndall
Special Feature: Brushed Rose Aluminum Metal Cover

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